Packing List for Picnics in Uganda

 All of us love and enjoy picnics but it is very unpleasant to unpack your picnic basket only to realize you forgot some of the essentials for the trip. Therefore, make sure to check and confirm with the packing list to make sure you have everything you need for a memorable picnic. The items to carry for the picnic are categorized under cleanup items, food and beverages, tableware and many others.


Some of the items that should never miss on your list include;

A lightweight cutting board is ideal to have a smooth and firm surface for cutting or slicing bread, meat, cheese, tomatoes, carrots and onions among others.

Eco-friendly and renewable cups and plates inform of bamboo, plastic or stackable dishes that are easy to pack or carry during the picnic. Similarly, you can carry utensils (especially the re-usable ones) if required.

You may also need a bottle opener or corkscrew, since you will have to pack some drinks such as soda, beer and wine during the picnic. As a bonus, you can carry plastic cups with strong but flat bottoms.

Cutting knife is handy and should have a cover for safer transporting and if not, then wrap it in a kitchen towel to avoid being cut.

Serving utensils inform of serving spoons and tongs are very important for serving snacks or salads.

A tray (preferably a lightweight plastic or enamel) is handy for providing a smooth surface if you will be eating on the ground, hence prevent drinks from topping over.


You need to carry a frozen bottle of water or ice packs to keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot during the picnic trip. Also, you will need to keep your drinks cold at all times during your picnic.

Salt and pepper is handy for seasoning especially if you are planning to eat fried or cooked food like chicken.

Both adult and children-friendly drinks such as sodas, water and juice are important when going on a picnic.

Also pack casual foods and snacks especially sandwiches that you may need to eat without utensils, also avoid foods with mayonnaise and carry foods in lightwe0ght and sealable containers.

Condiments especially mustards and ketchups in small jars and small enough to throw in your tote should be carried during the trips and make sure to always keep the jars so that you are able to refill them for the next picnic.


It’s always important to keep the utensils clean and avoid dumping waste materials, thus the reason you will also need to carry Cleanup items such as;

Moist towelettes or wet wipes to make it easy to wash up after eating or keep hands clean or help in cleaning up sticky spills even if there is no running water at the picnic site.

Trash bags to avoid leaving rubbish behind.

Paper towels for wiping containers, utensils, bowls and plates before packing them back after the picnic. You may never know when you will have spill on your hands.

Other items for picnics include picnic baskets for carrying the food, drinks and other items, a backpack and a large blanket to hold all the food and other things.

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