What To Expect On Batwa Trail Experience

The Batwa are also known as the pygmies. They are poorest of the poor in the gorilla highland region. In Bwindi National Park, there are the Batwa in Buhoma sector, Buniga forest and in Nkuringo. Whereas in Mgahinga National Park there is the Batwa trail. The Batwa experience happens in a forest bordering the park a place closely steep. A path in an excellent condition leads from one station to another showcasing traditional herbalist knowledge, hunting techniques, forest shelters and more. There is a spacious built purposely for dancing and dining. The dancing includes an elaborately and impressively costumed diety that is a quite a scary sight. The food served has to do little with the Batwa forest diet. It is instead a tasty example of what rural Ugandans usually eat such as matooke, goat stew and fruits.

The activity lasts about 5 hours and can be started at any time from early morning to early afternoon. Two groups per day can be served. The Batwa were the first people to inhabit the rain forests in Uganda and they lived as hunters in the forest. The forest became a home for the Batwa pygmies as they were the keepers of the tropical rain forests. They depend on the forest resources for their survival and wellbeing. The Batwa are located in only two areas one is in Bwindi and then Mgahinga and if one needs to trail the Batwa you will need to inform the tour operator early so that your gorilla permit can correspond with where the Batwa trail inhabit. A tourist need not pay the park entrance fee for the Batwa experience however this activity takes place outside of the park.

The experience starts from the Batwa crafts shop and office located in Buhoma trading center. From there the guide will give you full information about the Batwa and they will also show you their way of life and this will give you an opportunity to learn more about their culture. This activity has no set time meaning its flexible and you can join them as they prepare their food, visit their community, and learn about their traditional doctor who treats people using herbal medicines.

The hike relatively moderate, part of the trail is manageable, however, the hike is not recommended for people with major health issues. Discover the great life of the Batwa.

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