Bulemba Ihandiro Cultural Trail

If you are a cultural enthusiast then consider Bulemba Ihandiro cultural trail a must for you to take while on Uganda cultural safari. You will spend about 6 to 7 hours walking, along the holy valley and other tourist sites which are equally of cultural importance to the Bakonzo natives.

While on a cultural tour along this trail, you will have a guided walk which takes you to the traditional healer who is famous as Muhima and who is responsible for healing locals with different sicknesses and village’s blacksmith whose is mainly to demonstrate before you more on they make Bakonzo stool, how they weave baskets and fire making techniques.

You will be accompanied by community guide who will be explaining to you more about what takes place around their community. The Bulemba Ihandiro trail takes you through Kamusonge River which is said to have tasty water, sweet and that can cool your thirst as fast as possible. Upon arrival, chill in a hut thatched in ordinary Konzo style and enjoy the breathtaking views of the surrounding areas as you relax prior continuing for your last lengthy walk to the museum with materials which were used at the time of the Rwenzururu struggles, traditional dress and several historical as well as cultural items of the Bakonzo who lived around the Rwenzori Mountain ranges. The Bakonzo are popular for their short heights and very strong.

This cultural trail walk is incredibly one of the most amazing trails that you shouldn’t miss to be part of while on safari in Uganda. The foothills of the Rwenzori Mountain ranges are largely occupied by the Bakonzo a prominent tribe in Uganda which features unique cultural traits for you to explore. There is a lot more that you will learn while on this trail especially about the Bakonzo.

In conclusion, Uganda isn’t only famous for its wildlife safaris but its most thrilling cultural tours which allow you to interact with local residents. If you are planning to spend your next vacation around the Rwenzori Mountains National Park or at Queen Elizabeth National Park, don’t miss to include Bulemba Ihandiro cultural trail in your list of exciting activities.

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