Gorilla Trekking Budget and Safety Tips

How to trek gorillas on budget? Mountain gorillas are on top list of most safaris to Uganda and gorilla trekking in the pearl of Africa is a highlight activity which every traveler should experience though many people don’t go for it because they think it is expensive. However it is possible to have a budget […]

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Best Birding Stops In Rwanda

While gorilla trekking is the main activity that allures most tourists to remarkable Rwanda, birding within this country is rewarding and leaves unforgettable experiences. With more than 700 species of birds with a small country like Rwanda (extending for only 26,338 square kilometers), it is obvious that are many birds per square kilometer, hence you […]

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50 Years Of The Dian Fossey Fund In Conservation Of Mountain Gorillas

You can not discuss gorilla tourism and conservation in Rwanda without mentioning Dian Fossey. This name rings a bell in the mind of conservationists because Dian Fossey was an American Primatologist (zoologist) who dedicated over 18 years of her life conserving the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the jungles of Volcanoes National Park during the […]

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Best Cultural Tours Around Akagera National Park

Cultural Encounters In And Around Akagera National Park Are you a cultural enthusiast? Are you planning to spend your next safari in Akagera National Park Rwanda but you don’t know which cultural experiences to engage in? Akagera National Park isn’t just famous for wildlife tours but also its most thrilling cultural experiences. Like any destination, […]

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Makwaza Hill In Rwanda

You must be wondering what is special about the Makwaza Hill but its not just a Hill like you may see it but was rather a hide-out for King Ruganzu, hence making it a wonderful and must-visit cultural site for tourists visiting Rwanda.  Nestled within Gisagara district, this Hill is small and just hundred meters […]

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