Tips to Hire A Uganda safari Car on Budget

In East Africa, most of the safaris are done by road meaning that travelers after landing at the airport the next transfer whether to the hotel or to a particular destination are done by car with rare occasions by air because of very high costs of air transfers. This is not different from the Uganda situation as travelers explore the treasures by road transport.

Toyota Prado with Top Tent or Pop-up Roof

Toyota Prado with Top Tent or Pop-up Roof

However, these cars are normally hired from a local car rental company that provides outstanding car hire services in Kampala or around Entebbe International Airport. These cars are categorized according to the needs of the traveler and their minimum budget. As you plan for your Ugandan safari, whether self-drive or with a driver, note that there are safari cars which are hired by high-end tourists which are normally luxurious in nature and there are those that are favorable for the budget travelers.

Budget safaris are more adventurous compared to the luxurious trips because of the lower costs and the activities that budget travelers enjoy. As you plan for your next budget safari, here are some tips on how to hire a car in Uganda at very low cost;

  • Hire from a small company.

To get the best cutoff of cost on the safari car just book with a small company that does not operate on pre-determined prices. Companies that are big in the car hire business always tend to have high prices and therefore it is best not to consider them when it comes to a budget safari. The perfect offers for budget safari come from small car rental companies and in most cases, travelers can negotiate with the company to get the best rates.

  • Pay in advance

Prepaying for the safari car can save visitors from plenty of exorbitant costs associated with last-minute bookings/payments. Most of the car rental companies give offers of discount for advance payment. Before paying, first, call or email the company to check up whether or not you can save this way. The advantage of the advance payment is that, in case of cancellation, the refund is guaranteed with a small cancellation fee.

  • Check out for cheap rates

There are many car rental websites where travelers can check out for the cheapest rate. This is possible just by comparing the different rates offered by different companies to choose from the best.  Some companies offer a price guarantee. When you get a cheap deal after booking your car, they can lower the price further. However, it’s perfect to continue searching for the best lower rate.

  • Hire a small car

It’s possible that you will cut costs if you book a real budget safari car. Provided the car has enough space that can accommodate you and every essential luggage, then that is perfect for you. Most safari car hire companies offer free upgrade on small cars to favor the visitor hiring.

  • Hire for long periods

Safari car rental companies offer discounts to travelers that hire rental cars for a long period of time. It depends on the terms of the company as this offer may vary from companies where some consider weeks and others up to months.

Don’t forget to inquire about the pickup and return the location of the car because some companies charge hotel drop-offs and airport transfers. This is a charge imposed on visitors who hire the car and request to be dropped off at the agreed location at the end of the trip. The best is to ask how returning the car at a different location might affect the total car hire cost.

  • Consider the fuel consumption of the car

While planning to hire a safari car for budget adventure, take clear notice on the fuel consumption of the vehicle provided by the company. The fuel may either increase the total cost or cut some costs on the total car hire cost. Consider taking a car that is economical in terms of fuel consumption. The best offer is to negotiate with the company for a self-fueling / dry lease option.

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