Mbanza Ngungu Caves Congo

Exploring Mbanza Ngungu Caves Mbanza Ngungu caves are also called Thysville caves and they are situated at proximity of Mbanza Ngungu approximately 150 kilometers from Kinshasa. The caves cover an area of about 750 square kilometers and you will be amazed by its extensive size. They are famous for its threatened blind fish (Caecobarbus geertsii). […]

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Lulimbi Camp in Virunga

Lulimbi camp is one of the newly established camps in the Virunga National Park. It was opened in July 2016 and it is established on the Ishasha River. It features the Queen Elizabeth National Park on Ugandan side at a distance across the River bank and hence Lulimbi has access to the central parts of […]

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50 Years Of The Dian Fossey Fund In Conservation Of Mountain Gorillas

You can not discuss gorilla tourism and conservation in Rwanda without mentioning Dian Fossey. This name rings a bell in the mind of conservationists because Dian Fossey was an American Primatologist (zoologist) who dedicated over 18 years of her life conserving the critically endangered mountain gorillas in the jungles of Volcanoes National Park during the […]

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Lesula: The New Discovered Monkey In Congo

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is not only popular for its rare mountain gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas and chimpanzees but it also offers refuge to one of the rarest and newly established primate on earth. The Lesula which is scientifically called Cercopithecus lomamiensis features as the newly discovered monkey species that also belongs to the […]

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