Self-Drive Car Rental Mistakes to Avoid

Car rental is a global issue no matter where you are or come from, sometimes it just gets too hard to drive especially if travelling to the country side. This is where car rental becomes irresistible in whichever country you are touring.

Most travellers, whether first time or seasonal tourists who travel to Uganda book with tour companies. So they are always driven and accompanied by professional and experienced tour guides. But the trouble goes to trotters who opt for self-drive safaris in Uganda.

Occasionally self-drive tourists make several mistakes especially in the process of hiring the vehicles. While rental cars can be so much convenient, the associated costs and simple mistakes can sometimes be confusing. Below are the self-drive car rental mistakes that most travellers make while hiring the vehicle.

  • Rushing through the inspection

One mistake that most travellers make is to rush the inspection. The vehicle should be thoroughly inspected even if you are in a hurry. Several car rentals are well maintained outside, but small damages like scratches, stains, tears and spills inside may go unnoticed. In case you spot any slight damage anywhere, immediately report it to the company before taking the vehicle to the field. Or else you might end up paying for damages you didn’t cause.

  • Not shopping around

The rates for car rentals change from one company to another, depending on the company and the season. It is very important to shop around and inquire from several companies instead of the “one and done” approach. Check out different websites and spot the cheapest rates with better hiring terms. Check out the mileage caps as some car rental agencies offering unlimited mileage for the car hire period which may reduce the chances of extra costs.

  • Buying extra insurance

Most travellers make a mistake of buying extra insurance that is not even needed. If you have your own travel insurance cover, it may cover the collision damage and personal liability for the temporary use of the rental car. Travellers with credit cards, their coverage kicks for anything that the personal policy may not cover. So it is wiser for only those without their own auto policies to buy more insurance covers.

  • Renting from the airport

Most off-airport offices offer transportation to and from the airport, so it becomes expensive for nothing to rent a vehicle from the airport. In order for one to shop smart and save more, it’s better to get a car rental service away from the airport as it is even more convenient and a client is able to take all his time shopping around.

  • Not filling up the gas tank by yourself

No one ever plans for extra time for a pit stop on the way to his dream safari or early morning flight. So it’s always better to fill up the tank by yourself even if it means returning the vehicle with a half-filled tank, besides, you might even find cheaper gas prices at the nearby stations, who knows? Just to avoid inconveniences, better fill it up by yourself before you start the journey.

If on any Uganda safari, those and other simple mistakes should be avoided for a graceful journey around the pearl of Africa.

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