Horse back Riding Within Lake Mburo National Park

Did you know that you can actually explore the wildlife in Lake Mburo National Park through horseback rides instead of the usual ways such as nature walks and game drives? Yes it is very possible and surprisingly, this small savannah National Park is the only Park where the activity can be enjoyed.

No one can imagine a safari involving horseback rides because it is considered a western adventure and most tourists to Africa can’t imagine doing it. With Lake Mburo, it is not a mere horseback ride but also discovering the beauty of the Park. At 370 square kilometers, this Protected Area is Uganda’s smallest savannah National Park found at about 270 kilometers/3-4 hours’ drive west of Kampala City. This Park is characterized by Lakes, valleys, rolling hills, forests and savannah plains that are haven to over 76 species of mammals including the Burchell’s zebras, Rothschild giraffes, warthogs, impalas, waterbucks, elands, bushbucks, Topis, oribis, buffaloes, leopards, olive baboons and vervet monkeys among others. Also, there are more than 300 species of birds that will make you appreciate the beauty of Lake Mburo National Park.

Horseback rides within Lake Mburo National Park are since December 2008 only offered and run by Mihingo Safari Lodge that owns a stable with about 7 horses and 4 ponies with trained staff to take tourists for the adventure and each trip consists of up to 6 riders. Usually, experienced guides are assigned to every group of riders, thus you don’t need to be experienced to participate in this activity but also novices can be part of the adventure. Rides across the savannah plains of this Park last from one to five hours and horses are allocated based on the tourist’s body weight. Normally, animals that can’t be missed during the activity include Burchell’s zebras, duikers, bushbucks, elands, Topis, buffaloes, waterbucks and impalas as well as numerous species of birds but also the views of the valleys, rolling hills and several small Lakes can be relished during the activity.

As you carry out the horse ride in Lake Mburo National Park, it’s only the sights and sounds of nature that you will hear, which is typically of an African wilderness. Without the noise of car engines, all you will hear and see is nature and a chance to see timid animals. Much as the activity can be conducted all year round, the season and weather affects the number and variety of wild species to spot because during rainy season, animals move freely but in the dry season, they always converge at water points. The most exciting ride to use is the 4-5 hours’ ride through the grassy Warukiri hills at the heart of the Park and while at the peak of the hill, tourists relish 360 degree views of the surrounding areas-valleys and hills.

In conclusion, Horseback riding within Lake Mburo National Park, conducted by Mihingo Safari Lodge is an up-close and exciting way of exploring the African wilderness with views of different landscapes-valleys, rolling hills and savannah plains being explored in addition to spotting zebras, waterbucks and elands without scaring them if you were on a game drive. Not only that, interesting bird species and beautiful vegetation can be explored during this adventurous activity.


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